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Truck driver awaits sentencing following conviction in 2015 crash

Truck drivers play a pivotal role in the economy by transporting goods between locations so consumers can have access to essentials such as food, gas and clothing. Often, truck drivers are required to drive for extended periods of time in order to meet deadlines and stay on schedule. While many trucking companies in New York prioritize safety, and encourage their drivers to operate their vehicles responsibly, they cannot completely control the behavior of every driver. 

Can consistent truck maintenance keep you safer?

If you are new to the trucking industry and have recently been hired as a truck driver in New York, you may have already begun making a list of actions you can take to protect yourself while driving. Your vigilance, responsibility and commitment to safety can significantly reduce the risks that you are involved in a serious accident. In fact, one of the most important things you can do is to be proactive about performing regular maintenance checks on your big rig. Guaranteeing that everything is working properly and is well-equipped for optimal road performance can prevent unnecessary problems which could dangerously compromise your own safety if your truck starts malfunctioning. 

Holding truck companies liable for the actions of drivers

Clients often come to us here at Goldberg Sager & Associates facing inordinate expenses after having been involved in truck accidents in Brooklyn. You see just how massive these vehicles are when you drive next to them on the road; imagine the damage one can cause should it collide with your vehicle. The subsequent medical and repair costs you could be facing may leave you needing to seek compensation from those who are liable. The question then becomes whether that is limited to the trucker who hit you. 

What are some ways to combat driver fatigue?

Truck driver fatigue is a huge issue in New York. It leads to many accidents throughout the country, many of which are fatal. The sad part is such accidents are completely preventable. If you are a truck driver, you should never drive when you are tired. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration notes fatigue is any time when you are physically or mentally impaired due to being tired. It can occur if you work long hours, do not get adequate breaks, have extreme stress or just do not get enough sleep at night.

What are some statistics on large truck accidents?

It is not a secret that accidents involving large trucks are usually devastating. Such accidents occur on New York roadways daily. To understand how big the problem really is, it helps to understand the issue on a national scale through looking at statistics. This can enable you to gain an idea of why and how such accidents occur, along with the risks they pose.

How speeding leads to accidents

Speed limits are nothing new on New York roadways and neither are drivers who do not observe those speed limits. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,262 people were killed in speed-related accidents in the country in 2014. Speeding is generally defined as driving faster than the posted speed limit, but it also includes driving faster than road conditions allow for, which could mean the actual condition of the road or the condition of the road due to weather events. It is a dangerous and illegal action that many people have no trouble doing.

What is a Mansfield bar?

When you have driven behind a large truck on a New York roadway, you have likely noticed how it has a bar that extends down from the bed in the rear. This bar or special bumper is often referred to as the Mansfield bar or DOT bar. According to Mental Floss, these under-ride bars were made a mandatory requirement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This move and the nickname of the bar were influenced by the tragic death of actress Jayne Mansfield.

When truckers are distracted

Motorists across New York face hazards every time they take to the roadway, thanks to overcrowded commutes, weather-related headaches and inattentive drivers, among other factors. Just as typical motorists may find themselves losing focus due to cellphones, roadside accidents and related distractions, truckers, too, often get distracted. Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, driver distraction is a factor in more than 70 percent of commercial truck-involved accidents, and when commercial trucks and cars collide, the cars are frequently on the losing end.  

The various elements that make trucks so deadly in a crash

Commercial trucks necessarily operate and move differently than passenger cars and trucks. This is because they are enormous, very powerful and often carrying heavy or potentially dangerous cargo. For these reasons, there are a number of state and federal trucking regulations that set standards for who can drive commercial trucks, which behaviors operators should avoid, and how cargo must be loaded.

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