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Staying safe while behind the wheel

With thousands of cars traveling New York roads every day, it is imperative that people understand how to react in situations where their safety is compromised by the unanticipated actions of others, environmental hazards and even weather conditions. When drivers are educated about what steps to take to stay safe on the road, they can better protect themselves, their passengers and other motorists on the road. 

Car crash leads to arrest, injuries and death

Driving is a task that many people in Brooklyn enjoy until they are well past retirement age. Some older individuals do not drive and use public transportation and car-for-hire services. Many people who use rideshare and taxi services believe they can avoid accidents by not driving. Relying on another individual for transportation may seem convenient and less stressful. But when an accident causes serious or death to passengers, determining liability can become a challenge. 

Suggestions for driving safely during inclement weather

While people may be confident in their driving skills and ability to remain defensive when faced with obstacles, inclement weather, especially the kind that comes out of nowhere, can make anyone nervous. For folks who do not have the experience driving in certain weather conditions, one bad move could instantly put them and other drivers at risk of injury or even death. Because New York experiences a variety of weather types, people should prepare ahead of time for different conditions by taking the time to become educated on helpful suggestions for driving in poor weather.

Man formally charged for causing fatal accident in 2015

Many New York drivers, no matter how committed they are to attentive and safe driving practices, face the risk of being involved in an accident because of the actions of others. Unfortunately, there are times when even the most careful drivers are exposed to danger when other motorists engage in dangerous behaviors that result in distraction or impairment. In many cases, the consequences of such accidents can yield tragic outcomes where victims suffer physical and emotional trauma that could end up being fatal.

Texting and driving is about to get a lot riskier

Car accidents are becoming so common in New York, that many motorists expect to hear about and see some of them during their commutes. According to, 33,000 individuals sustained injuries and 160 people died in motor vehicle collisions that occurred in 2015, where distractions and driver inattentiveness were contributing factors. 

Be Aware of Hazards Caused by Fallen Leaves This Fall

Fall has officially arrived! The leaves will begin to change from green to brown, red, and orange and will eventually fall to the ground. When this begins to happen, drivers, bikers, and pedestrians must be cautious, because fallen leaves will impact the conditions of the roads and sidewalks.

Why is keeping a car seat rear-facing so recommended?

Car seats are often misunderstood. Now that there is a recommendation to keep kids in rear facing car seats for a longer time, many parents in New York simply do not understand. You may have such concerns. You may worry your child's legs are too long or it is too uncomfortable for him or her to sit backwards for the recommended time. However, there are some really good reasons why this is being advised.

Try To Avoid Driving While Drowsy

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), conducted a study that found that in 2014, drowsy driving claimed the lives of 846 people. Currently, the NHTSA is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to draw awareness to the dangers associated with driving while drowsy in hopes that it will reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries.

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