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Tour Bus Accidents in New York City Are Quite Common

Every year, millions of people around the country take a sightseeing tour around a new city that he or she is visiting. New York City features many tourist attractions. According to reports, tourism in New York City has continued to steadily grow over the last ten years, however, so has the risk of tourist accidents. While the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) does not have any regulations governing the mandated reporting of tour bus crashes in New York City, these incidents are unfortunately quite common.

Bus Accident Leaves Three Dead

On Monday, September 25 2017, around 6:15 a.m. there was a bus accident that resulted in three deaths and many others injured. The accident took place at the intersection of Main Street and Northern Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. According to reports, a Dahlia Travel charter bus went through a red light at 58 miles per hour and crashed into a New York City bus.

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