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How to prevent the majority of car accidents

Tragically, the majority of car accidents are preventable, and the only reason why they happen is because human beings are not very good at following rules. If, for example, every driver refrained from breaking the rules of the road, we would have dramatically fewer vehicle accident deaths on our hands.

Many kinds of car accidents up across the country

The United States Department of Transportation released its yearly report on traffic fatalities in late 2017, and the figures were, to say the least, concerning. While not every category of accident fatality increased, some saw the largest single-year increases in over 25 years.

6 myths about estate planning

You've never done your estate planning, despite knowing that it's definitely going to be needed eventually and knowing that having no plan in place puts your estate at risk.

What causes subway accidents?

On the whole, the subway system in New York is fairly safe, but there are accidents. When they happen, with hundreds of people potentially involved, there is the chance for many injuries and even fatalities.

Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or riding as a passenger in one is an act that involves some danger. There is always the risk of a crash or collision, which goes up in certain circumstances. Bad weather, low visibility, clogged roads during rush hour traffic and impaired drivers are just some of the many factors that can increase your risk of a serious collision.

Don't Let Social Media Create Inconsistencies In Your Case

Oftentimes, a personal injury case will involve an evaluation of pain and suffering. Today, many people actively use different forms of social media, which can be used by a defendant to prove that such claims are false. For instance, if someone is claiming that an injury has lead to chronic foot pain, but is then captured in a photograph wearing high heels.

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