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Man formally charged for causing fatal accident in 2015

Many New York drivers, no matter how committed they are to attentive and safe driving practices, face the risk of being involved in an accident because of the actions of others. Unfortunately, there are times when even the most careful drivers are exposed to danger when other motorists engage in dangerous behaviors that result in distraction or impairment. In many cases, the consequences of such accidents can yield tragic outcomes where victims suffer physical and emotional trauma that could end up being fatal.

In one such case, a Chesapeake man was sentenced to prison for 10 years after causing a fatal collision on Christmas Eve in 2015. Early investigations revealed that the man was traveling on Interstate 664 near Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel when he slammed his car into an SUV. Reports detailed that he was driving 93 miles per hour and evidence suggested he did not apply his breaks until half a second before crashing. The impact caused the SUV to strike the Jersey wall before rolling several times. The driver of the other vehicle suffered fatal injuries and his wife and three children were also seriously injured. 

Following the accident, investigators found evidence that suggested the man who caused the accident was impaired in some way. After refusing a breath test and exhibiting other signs of impairment, initial reports lead authorities to believe the man was drunk. However, because the man was diagnosed with sleep apnea, others believed the man may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Regardless, the man's speed was a contributing factor as well, which lead prosecutors to recommend sentencing. The victim's family suffered traumatic injuries that required extensive therapy and treatment to overcome, which was also taken into account during sentencing.

For people who have been involved in a DUI-related car crash, they may find relief in the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. With professional guidance, support during the legal process can allow more time for the victims to focus on recovery. 

Source: Daily Press, "Man to serve 3 years in 2015 Christmas Eve crash that killed a father, injured wife and sons," Sarah J. Ketchum, Dec. 1, 2017


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