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Executing a will effectively and efficiently

When people are going through the process of planning their estate and establishing a will, one of the most important things they will need to do is find someone they trust who will be responsible for executing their will in New York. When they have selected someone, who is willing to carry out their wishes, it is critical that they discuss the responsibilities of this agreement with the person they have chosen. 

Car crash leads to arrest, injuries and death

Driving is a task that many people in Brooklyn enjoy until they are well past retirement age. Some older individuals do not drive and use public transportation and car-for-hire services. Many people who use rideshare and taxi services believe they can avoid accidents by not driving. Relying on another individual for transportation may seem convenient and less stressful. But when an accident causes serious or death to passengers, determining liability can become a challenge. 

6 myths about estate planning

You've never done your estate planning, despite knowing that it's definitely going to be needed eventually and knowing that having no plan in place puts your estate at risk.

Suggestions for driving safely during inclement weather

While people may be confident in their driving skills and ability to remain defensive when faced with obstacles, inclement weather, especially the kind that comes out of nowhere, can make anyone nervous. For folks who do not have the experience driving in certain weather conditions, one bad move could instantly put them and other drivers at risk of injury or even death. Because New York experiences a variety of weather types, people should prepare ahead of time for different conditions by taking the time to become educated on helpful suggestions for driving in poor weather.

What causes subway accidents?

On the whole, the subway system in New York is fairly safe, but there are accidents. When they happen, with hundreds of people potentially involved, there is the chance for many injuries and even fatalities.

Make Sure You Have a HIPAA Release Form

Oftentimes, loved ones will have a difficult time accessing an elderly person's medical information relating to any condition that he or she may have. A health care proxy designates an agent to act on someone's behalf in the event he or she becomes incapacitated and is unable to make decisions for themselves. A comprehensive Health Care Proxy may also include language that allows an agent to select physicians on the person's behalf.

Man formally charged for causing fatal accident in 2015

Many New York drivers, no matter how committed they are to attentive and safe driving practices, face the risk of being involved in an accident because of the actions of others. Unfortunately, there are times when even the most careful drivers are exposed to danger when other motorists engage in dangerous behaviors that result in distraction or impairment. In many cases, the consequences of such accidents can yield tragic outcomes where victims suffer physical and emotional trauma that could end up being fatal.

Texting and driving is about to get a lot riskier

Car accidents are becoming so common in New York, that many motorists expect to hear about and see some of them during their commutes. According to, 33,000 individuals sustained injuries and 160 people died in motor vehicle collisions that occurred in 2015, where distractions and driver inattentiveness were contributing factors. 

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