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What 2 issues can lead to probate litigation?

When planning your estate in Brooklyn, one thing you should keep sight of is potential problems your loved ones may encounter in probate. Even though you have specific ideas about how you want your estate and assets to be distributed, your family members may not agree with them.

Disputes are just one of several problems your estate may encounter after your death. Take some time to review the following probate problems so you can take actions to protect your estate from them. 

Beneficiary designations

There is so much more to estate planning than picking who you want to receive your legacy. You should review every account and asset to ensure that they have the right beneficiary designations. You should learn about the rules regarding certain accounts like the ones in your retirement portfolio and life insurance policies so you know how to keep others from inheriting what you want to give to another. According to, delays, higher estate taxes and other negative consequences can occur when you do not name your heirs properly. You should also review and update them periodically. 

Not having a successor executor 

You should choose an executor when you create your will. Keep in mind that people have the right to decline the role. It is a vital role that requires a lot of time and is a huge responsibility that some individuals may not want on their shoulders. If your initial choice for executor steps down or refuses the position, the courts will appoint someone else to act as your estate’s executor instead. To avoid this issue, you should name several people to act as successor executors. 

Estate planning is not something you should rush through. It took you years to amass the assets and wealth you want to pass down to your family. Expect for it to take some time and the right documents and strategies to plan your estate so that your heirs receive their inheritance without delays and according to your wishes.

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