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Subway accidents and injuries happen all the time in NYC

Many people choose to take public transportation because it is faster or more affordable than driving their own vehicle. For some people, the potential for increased safety is also a factor. After all, automotive accidents are a leading cause of death among Americans. Even taxis can be risky.

Hopping on a subway train probably seems much safer than trying to navigate your way through traffic gridlock when you have somewhere to go. For some people, however, public transportation can end up being a source of injury or even of accidental death.

Subway trains move at incredible speeds, making it easy for a small mistake to quickly turn into a fatal one. Even those who survive train accidents may end up paying a steep price. Amputations and serious bone and nerve injuries are common among people who get struck by trains by survive.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) advises that people waiting for trains should stay back several feet from the edge of the platform and stay alert at all times. Tragically, for 48 people in 2016, trying to get onto the subway proved to be a fatal decision.

Accidents are down, but still a real risk

The number of fatal subway accidents was down two in 2016 from 2015 and down ten from the five-year high in 2014. While that improvement is noteworthy, that still means that nearly every week, someone in New York City gets killed by a subway accident. Overall, there were 168 incidents where subway passengers got hit by moving trains. In some cases, these accidents just happened. Maybe there was a wet spot, or someone lost their balance while waiting.

Grim statistics

Other subway accidents were not truly accidents. Suicides or attempted suicides are still a major cause of subway deaths. There have famously been cases of murder and attempted murder using a subway train as the murder weapon. In what was considered an unprovoked assault, a woman passenger pushed another woman in front on an ongoing 1 Train in Times Square in November of last year. She later confessed to doing the same thing to another passenger in October in what authorities earlier deemed a suicide by a German tourist.

Incidents like this one have helped encourage the public to give the approaching trains a little bit more space. Still, accidents continue to happen. Those who are seriously injured by subway train accidents or those who survive a loved one killed in a fatal subway accident should consider all options for compensation. In cases of maintenance issues or accidental falls, the potential for a civil lawsuit may exist. You shouldn't have to deal with the medical and financial consequences of a subway accident on your own.

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