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Can you prevent medical malpractice with proper research?

While it would be ideal to rely solely on the expertise, professionalism and educational knowledge of your health care provider, there is always the risk of human error. Fortunately, there are ways you can combat common medical errors by completing proper research from the beginning.

What is whiplash?

If you have been in a car accident in New York, you may have suffered from whiplash. This condition is commonly a result of an accident that had a hard impact and caused your head to be whipped violently forward and back. According to WebMD, whiplash is an injury to the neck caused by strain.

Social media could have a major impact on your divorce

Social media is now one of the most common ways that people interact with friends, family and extended support networks. The marvel of mobile internet access allows people to chat online, share images and video, and otherwise feel like they are in constant contact with loved ones. For those going through a tough time, like divorce, social media can be a support group and a place to vent the frustrations of the process. Unfortunately, social media can also cause difficulties for those who aren't careful. Anything that you share online could come back to haunt you during divorce court.

Avoid fighting with your siblings following parental death

Nothing can adequately prepare you for the death of a parent even if the death has been anticipated due to age, health condition or environmental exposure. For many families, coping with death and executing the deceased’s will can sometimes bring disagreement and contention. At Goldberg Sager & Associates, we have helped many New York families through the process of creating a will and establishing an estate plan.

Subway accidents and injuries happen all the time in NYC

Many people choose to take public transportation because it is faster or more affordable than driving their own vehicle. For some people, the potential for increased safety is also a factor. After all, automotive accidents are a leading cause of death among Americans. Even taxis can be risky.

What is a living will?

As a resident of New York, you have the opportunity to create legal documents that could affect the terms of your medical care should you be rendered unable to consciously provide direction. One option you have is a living will. It is not the same as a will you would create to leave an inheritance to heirs. A living will, according to the New York State Bar Association, is a legal document that states your wishes as to what medical steps should be taken if you are to become unable to make decisions yourself.

A closer look at medical errors that are completely preventable

While it can be tempting to fully trust medical professionals to care for you and your loved ones, doctors and nurses can still make mistakes. However, many of these errors are actually preventable with the right focus, attention and adherence to designated protocols. At Goldberg Sager & Associates, we have helped many victims of medical malpractice in New York.

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