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Wet floors pose a serious injury risk all year round

Although many people associate slip-and-fall accidents with the ice, sleet and snow of winter, they can happen any time. Wet floors, a ceiling leak or even spilled coffee are just as likely as snow melt to cause a slip-and-fall accident.

While popular culture, especially movies and television shows, likes to depict slip-and-fall accidents like a joke, in the real world they are no laughing matter. Depending on the location of the accident and the age and medical condition of the victim, a slip-and-fall could prove to be permanently debilitating or even, in rare cases, fatal.

Both employees and customers or clients at a business could end up slipping and crashing to the ground on a wet or slippery section of flooring. That's why businesses and property owners typically carry liability insurance. Professionals call the risk of having someone become seriously injured on your property premises liability. When talking about serious injuries, a single incident could cost thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, ongoing care and lost wages. Insurance protects property owners from needing to worry about those expenses personally.

Slip-and-fall accidents can be incredibly serious

People often sustain serious head injuries during a slip-and-fall accident. Those injuries can cause lifelong symptoms. Traumatic brain injuries can impact a person's memory, personality and even ability to perform basic self-care like grooming. Head injuries could result in permanent disability. So can spinal and neck injuries, which can also easily happen in a slip-and-fall accident. Spinal and neck injuries can result in a loss or reduction of motor function or control in areas of the body below the point of injury. That could mean the legs or in the case of neck injuries, all four limbs.

Other common injuries include soft tissue damage, like sprains and strains, and broken bones. All of these injuries require medical attention. Some of them could require hospitalization, surgery and even physical therapy. A sudden slip-and-fall accident can change someone's life. Anyone who opens their property to the public should ensure that they carry excellent insurance to protect against premises liability. Maintenance is also critical to preventing serious slip-and-fall accidents in the future.

Slip-and-fall accidents happen all the time

Despite the best efforts of business owners and property managers, slip-and-fall accidents remain very common. Every year in the Unites States, more than a million emergency room visits result from slip-and-fall accidents. That means more than 2,000 people every single day experience a serious, medically dangerous slip-and-fall. The people involved in these accidents should seek medical care as soon as possible after an injury, especially if there was trauma to the head.

While safety procedures and careful maintenance can reduce the risk of a slip-and-fall, nothing can completely eliminate the potential for one of these accidents.

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