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Sidewalk injuries: What you can do in New York

New York is a busy state with lots to do and see. There are many areas with public transportation, but it is also normal to walk where you want to go. To do that, you'll take a sidewalk in most cases, which helps keep you off the roads.

The problem with some sidewalks is that they are not maintained properly. When a sidewalk starts to break down or doesn't match up evenly with other sections, it poses a threat to those who use it.

Sidewalk injuries may fall under premises liability laws. The owners of the sidewalk can be held liable for injuries if you're injured as a result of negligence or a lack of maintenance.

In many towns, cities and local areas, the sidewalks themselves are maintained by the government. If you get hurt, you'll need to pursue a claim against the local government itself.

Usually, governments are protected by sovereign immunity. They cannot be held liable for injuries suffered by people using their services in most cases. However, there are exceptions, especially in cases of negligence. You can file a lawsuit to seek compensation from the federal government if you can show that the negligence of an employee resulted in your injuries.

How can you do that? In the case of a sidewalk injury, you'll want to take pictures of the area where you were injured. Were others also aware of the damage? Had it been reported? If they were and is has been reported but nothing had been done to repair it, then the employees at the local government offices may be held liable for your injuries thanks to the Federal Tort Claims Act.

If you're not sure who owns the sidewalk or who should be held liable, your attorney can help. Bring information about your accident along with medical bills and photos of the location of your injury and your injuries themselves. Your attorney can look at this information and let you know what you can expect if you make a claim.

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