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Injured on New York public transit? You need an attorney.

There are a broad number of reasons to take public transportation in New York. If the train is on time, it can be faster than walking, driving on your own or taking a cab. It can also be safer than riding in a car or a taxi, where you could end up in a vehicle with someone who is a poor driver or emotionally unstable.

However, accidents do happen on the subway. When they do, they are often catastrophic. Most serious injuries and fatalities on the subway involve either electrocution or blunt force trauma. Sometimes extremities, such as arms and legs, can get ripped off by a speeding train.

There are common sense safety rules and posted warnings intending to reduce these risks, but in reality, it's possible to do much more to prevent accidents and even suicides on the subway. There are sensors that could alert incoming trains about the presence of a person or other object on the track. Doors or barriers on the platform could prevent people from standing close enough to get injured.

Subway accidents are relatively common

It isn't that surprising that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) avoids openly disclosing accurate and current statistics about serious public transit injuries and deaths in New York. They often end up settling with the victims of these accidents or get taken to court as a result of preventable injuries and deaths.

The focus of the MTA is to generate income from the transportation of people through New York, so they don't want to discourage anyone from riding. Openly advertising the rate of serious injuries and deaths to subway riders won't help instill a sense of trust in public transit.

Sadly, many times these accidents are serious enough to make national news. As recently as January, 104 passengers and workers got hurt in the same derailing incident. A 13-year-old girl died in April 2017 trying to retrieve her dropped cellphone from the tracks. She was fatally struck by a train. Posted signs simply weren't enough to deter her from getting on the tracks. The MTA could be taking more and better safety precautions.

Subway accident injuries can be expensive

Whether you're recovering from an accidental electrocution or a broken or lost limb from a subway accident, you will incur substantial medical bills. You will likely also lose out on wages during that time. An attorney can help you recover those losses and hopefully incentivize the MTA to invest in more thorough safety procedures to prevent future accidents.

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