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What is a Mansfield bar?

When you have driven behind a large truck on a New York roadway, you have likely noticed how it has a bar that extends down from the bed in the rear. This bar or special bumper is often referred to as the Mansfield bar or DOT bar. According to Mental Floss, these under-ride bars were made a mandatory requirement by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This move and the nickname of the bar were influenced by the tragic death of actress Jayne Mansfield.

How does alcohol impair a driver?

One of the biggest issues with drunk driving is that many drivers are not even aware of how the alcohol they have consumed is affecting them. To be a responsible New York driver, it is important for you to know what effects alcohol has on your body and your driving ability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines what happens to you as your blood alcohol content rises.

What are some types of doctor errors?

Everyone makes mistakes, but when your New York doctor makes a mistake, the outcome is usually very serious. This is a profession where simple oversights and errors can cost someone's life. To become an informed patient who can watch out for problems is a good way for you to avoid becoming the victim of a mistake. Cover MD goes over a few types of doctor errors that occur every day.

Medical errors third leading cause of death

The health care profession is one of the most trusted industries in New York and across the United States. People depend on their physicians, surgeons, nurses and pharmacists to diagnose their conditions, give them medication and keep them healthy. Although people put their lives in the hands of these educated professionals every day, medical errors are more common than some may think.

Injured on New York public transit? You need an attorney.

There are a broad number of reasons to take public transportation in New York. If the train is on time, it can be faster than walking, driving on your own or taking a cab. It can also be safer than riding in a car or a taxi, where you could end up in a vehicle with someone who is a poor driver or emotionally unstable.

New technology could curb texting and driving

Despite strict laws in New York that make texting and driving illegal, people continue to use their hand-held devices to talk, text, post selfies and update social media profiles while behind the wheel. As a result, thousands of people are involved in distracted driving car accidents and are seriously injured or are killed every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the death of 35,092 people across the nation in 2015. Distracted driving deaths rose by 8.8 percent from the previous year.

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