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The various elements that make trucks so deadly in a crash

Commercial trucks necessarily operate and move differently than passenger cars and trucks. This is because they are enormous, very powerful and often carrying heavy or potentially dangerous cargo. For these reasons, there are a number of state and federal trucking regulations that set standards for who can drive commercial trucks, which behaviors operators should avoid, and how cargo must be loaded.

Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen, which can lead to serious truck crashes. These crashes have the potential to be deadly because again, the trucks are typically enormous, powerful and carrying dangerous cargo. 

To illustrate this point, we can look at a recent accident involving two commercial trucks and a motorist. According to news reports, the first truck became disabled when its brakes locked, which could have been caused by poor maintenance, brake imbalance or defective parts.

Another trucker approaching the disabled truck tried to avoid hitting it. The second trucker swerved but ended up crashing into the cargo bed and a concrete median on the road. This impact caused the 2,500-pound beams the second truck was transporting to come loose. One crushed a vehicle in the opposite lanes and seriously hurt the driver, who thankfully survived.

This terrifying scene illustrates the various elements of trucks that make them so dangerous. Trucks can break down when they are not properly maintained, which can create a serious obstacle on the road. And because they are so enormous, it is very difficult to make any quick moves effectively, and truckers can easily lose control. Finally, the cargo they carry can pose just as big of a threat to motorists as the truck itself.

Because of these and many other elements that create a hazard, trucking accidents in New York have the potential to be catastrophic. Any person who is involved in a collision with a commercial truck is at risk for being seriously hurt or killed. If you or your loved one was in this situation, you would be wise to consult an attorney to discuss your options regarding compensation for the substantial damages you have suffered.

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