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Serious NYC subway injuries: What if it happens to you?

Millions of people ride the subway in New York City. While a serious injury on MTA trains or platforms isn't likely to happen to you or a member of your family, it is a possibility.

Several people died in the subways in 2016. At least two fatalities were reported by the New York Times in the month of November alone: A transit worker was struck and killed in a tunnel, and a woman was pushed to her death in Times Square. What can you do to protect your rights if the unthinkable happens to you or a loved one?

If you or someone you love is injured on a train, on a platform or in a station

Subway accidents and injuries can take different forms. Some of the most common scenarios include:

  • A subway rider slips on a platform or falls down a stairway.
  • A rider falls onto a track and is injured by the fall and/or is struck by an train.
  • A person is pushed, attacked or assaulted in the subway system.
  • A rider's hand, arm or bag gets stuck in a train door and the rider is dragged on the platform.
  • A passenger is injured when a train is involved in a collision or stops short violently.

These circumstances can be traumatic at best and deadly at worst. Victims have legal rights and may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, wrongful death and other damages and losses.

Steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family

Every injury situation is different, but any injury in the New York City subway system should be dealt with properly. Taking the following steps can make a huge difference:

  • Report the injury to the police right away. File a report.
  • Make sure your injuries are treated. Get medical attention promptly.
  • Try to document and photograph the injuries. A phone camera is suitable for this purpose.
  • Get names and numbers of witnesses if you can.
  • Talk to a personal injury lawyer, even if you're not sure if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Even if your injury seems minor, it is better to be safe than sorry; you may wind up with medical bills and other problems that you didn't expect. If a life-threatening or fatal injury occurs, it is critical that you speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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